A Poem: Less

If I took off my hat, would I be ‘Lisa, less a hat?’ If I took off my coat, my shoes perhaps, even my dress, would I be ‘Lisa, less the worth of all I wear?’ And if I take down my hair, and wash my face, and clean all the colour from my eyes … More A Poem: Less

A Poem: Song

Songs have breath. Music has width, and length, and breadth. Our voice has a sound still, that can lift us beyond our grief. Our fingers still, can touch the notes that bring release. For God is not dead. His love, wide and long, and deep, defies our measurement. And when loss lowers our utterances to … More A Poem: Song

A Poem: Wordless

Loss is so deep there are no words to define its meaning, that we can speak. It is empty, like the ringing of a bell gone silent. Or the rush of the bird that all of a sudden takes flight. We are left alone. And that alone, is overwhelming. We can no longer stand up … More A Poem: Wordless

A Poem: Flight

God taught me of love. How it was a like a kite, that you lengthen and let loose. Or the string of a bow that sets an arrow on its path. I guess, nothing he taught me was that it was something you kept. Rather it was something that you kept on giving out; like … More A Poem: Flight

A Poem: Ah

Ah I thought… I love everything. The summer sun; the leaves on the shimmering trees; the breeze through the open window. But the fleeting fantail that just flew to alight on the branch, teaches me that life and its gifts, run ever out. A closed fist holds nothing of worth. While an open hand, though … More A Poem: Ah