A Poem: Song

Songs have breath.

Music has width,
and length,
and breadth.

Our voice has a sound still,
that can lift us beyond
our grief.

Our fingers still,
can touch the notes
that bring release.

For God is not dead.

His love, wide and long,
and deep,
defies our measurement.

And when loss
lowers our utterances
to a mere whisp of breath;

He reclaims our voice,
that our fingers might strike the keys
that resonate yet with life.

For God is alive.

And music has breath.
All that we see perish
is transformed beyond our sight.

And the power of music
is in its means to communicate
what we can’t understand yet.

So sing on my friend.
Sing on.

Ana Lisa de Jong
July 2017

For my friend Rose Alexander

Image:  Pinterest

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