A Poem: Our Place

We have peace and plenty here.

Can you hear it
in the silence,
and the hum of life

in this place.

That carries like a musical refrain,
from one ear to the next,
from your heart to mine.

We have love in this place.

Its in the space
where your foot lifts
and mine rests.

It’s the grace to live in step.

Maybe not in sequence,
but in rhythm
like a dance.

And even when words

are crossed like swords,
or doors are locked
and feelings raw.

We have acceptance.

And so much desire
for each other’s good –
that our house resembles

the strong trunk of an oak.

Whose coverage keeps us safe,
while through its branches
streams the light

of stars and sun.

That we might have freedom,
yet still navigate our way back
by day or night

Wherever we have been.

To the place of love
and grace
where we belong.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
June 2017


Image: Edgar Alwin Payne

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