A Poem: Trust

  I laid down today and you laid with me. My eyes closed inside, although I was resting upright. My grasp loosened, my hold let go. If this is what its like to die or be at peace with not knowing, then good. I trust. All is well. All manner of things I count to … More A Poem: Trust

A Poem: Turn-Points

We don’t always know which road to take, although we perceive your face at every bend. The way unclear, slowly reveals to our eyes, so slow to discern, that which-ever option we choose to take, even that of staying put, you always wait for us with utmost courtesy. As though we didn’t have time to … More A Poem: Turn-Points

A Poem: Gift

It is my job as a poet seer, as one who feels before I see to find the words, even if it hurts. To carry the light into dark corners. To bring the word that turns the heart, the word that speaks into the barren centre that it might spring to life. We are each … More A Poem: Gift

A Poem: A Ladder

I will climb to you by a ladder made from the days I’ve put behind me and those I’m yet to live When the sun is hard to find I will then add a rung and it will lead me higher still to seek its dawning light. I can climb to you. Although you’re never … More A Poem: A Ladder

A Poem: A Moment

Happiness is here its under the oak tree, or the open sky of blue, or stars against the dark. It’s in the breeze, soft against my skin, or strong enough to blow all my efforts apart. So that I simply am here right now; nothing brought to bear on this time. Nothing to take away … More A Poem: A Moment

A Poem: Song

Songs have breath. Music has width, and length, and breadth. Our voice has a sound still, that can lift us beyond our grief. Our fingers still, can touch the notes that bring release. For God is not dead. His love, wide and long, and deep, defies our measurement. And when loss lowers our utterances to … More A Poem: Song