A Poem: A Ladder

I will climb to you
by a ladder
made from the days
I’ve put behind me
and those I’m yet to live

When the sun is hard
to find
I will then add a rung
and it will lead me higher still
to seek its dawning light.

I can climb to you.
Although you’re never far,
you are always that bit ahead,
guiding me forward
another step.

Yes, you have given me a ladder
and taught me to build.
My days, the material
from which I draw
perpetual wood.

When the sun is hard
to find,
or the mist hangs low
obscuring the view,
what comfort it is yet to know

I can climb to you.

Ana Lisa de Jong
September 2017

Image:  Nik Shuliahan on Unsplash
Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

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