A Poem: Turn-Points

We don’t always know which road to take,

although we perceive your face at every bend.
The way unclear, slowly reveals
to our eyes, so slow to discern,

that which-ever option we choose to take,
even that of staying put,
you always wait for us with utmost courtesy.

As though we didn’t have time to make up.
As though the world weren’t awaiting us to act
(as though to act were always the answer).

And as we stand at the pivot point,
of left, and right, advance and retreat,
we come to understand our goals might be different to yours.

Maybe the outcome, and our destinations
are not nearly so important as the truth that you wait just ahead,
that you might walk with us wherever we turn.

Ana Lisa de Jong
September 2017

Image: Wander the Woods, Martin Timmann

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