A Poem: Trust


I laid down today
and you laid with me.
My eyes closed inside,
although I was resting upright.

My grasp loosened,
my hold let go.
If this is what its like to die
or be at peace with not knowing, then good.

I trust. All is well.
All manner of things I count
to myself as worth much
are, if not well, still good enough.

And there is grace in movement
and grace still in rest.
There is life and death abundant
in each momentary breath.

There is grace in drawing in,
and in opening up.
Like a flower giving in
to the bee’s appetite.

There is only life’s demands now,
and the need to take a jump.
Draw the deepest breath,
and live within it.

Ana Lisa de Jong
November 2017

Image: Fineas Gavre, courtesy of Unsplash

4 thoughts on “A Poem: Trust

  1. Hi my friend, totally meaningful message for me at this time in my life. Like a breath meditation in how it reads and I thank you for it! With love, Jenneth

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