A Poem: Trust

  I laid down today and you laid with me. My eyes closed inside, although I was resting upright. My grasp loosened, my hold let go. If this is what its like to die or be at peace with not knowing, then good. I trust. All is well. All manner of things I count to … More A Poem: Trust

A Poem: Awake

To awake to you, is my prayer. I don’t want to miss a moment asleep, if I can be more aware of you near. To be close in proximity but ignorant of your presence, what grief. Instead, I want to be as a bird alighting on a branch, or a leaf on the wind. Always … More A Poem: Awake

A Poem: Eden

Oh Lord you are too Holy. How do we become clean? Not by our own efforts do you assure me, but by immersing ourselves into the holy stream. Oh holy stream, wash over my stains. So that when my God looks at me he sees not the dirt of my hands; not my sullied self … More A Poem: Eden