A Poem: Thank you – an Easter Reflection

Everything is thank you
if you look carefully.

The trees that lose their leaves
still raise their limbs.

The earth farewells the sun,
and moves around again.

Those we love draw tears and smiles from us
in unison.

Everything is grace,
and begins again.

We know this because each new day
speaks of redemption.

Because Peter denied his friend
and was forgiven.

Because the sleep that restores us,
in a small way reflects the resurrection.

Each small death, brings life,
and each gift of surrender, is an offering.

A down payment
for the new day coming.

For every Friday is followed
by a Sunday.

And every empty grave
formerly held something.

Yes everything is thank you
if you look carefully.

Everything in nature, love and life
reveals the resurrection.

He who bore our sin, pain and grief
lives again.

And our cross, so hard to bear
we find lifts us to heaven.

Yes everything that happens we can thank him.
For we know our story lives in his,

without an ending.

Ana Lisa de Jong
April 2017

Image:  Courtesy of Unsplash, Photographer:  Quinsey Sablan

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