A Poem: The Communion of the Saints


He who sits outside time
wraps us in light.

We, a globe suspended in the sky,
are circled by the saints.

We circle the centre
of our solar system’s place,

in an ancient universe
growing every day.

Yet we are still firmly
and tenderly held.

Secured by laws of gravity,
and grace.

We, who sit inside time
live tied yet to the ground

He, outside us where all is clear,
reigns in community.

We cannot know,
but sometimes have the strangest view

of a world beyond our grasp.
We sense a smile, we feel the robes

of ones gone long before.
It does not matter if we are yet to know,

enough we feel their presence.
The love of those who hold us close

in the communion of heaven.

Ana Lisa de Jong
All Saints Day 2017

Image: Cille Choirill Church in Scottish Highlands, Deviant Art

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