A Poem: Song

Songs have breath. Music has width, and length, and breadth. Our voice has a sound still, that can lift us beyond our grief. Our fingers still, can touch the notes that bring release. For God is not dead. His love, wide and long, and deep, defies our measurement. And when loss lowers our utterances to … More A Poem: Song

A Poem: Perfect

Don’t wait for the perfect. Life is here right now. Shadows and light, the losses and the gains make a rich fabric of our days. Depth discerned by a light in the dark, that we hold like a lantern and pick our way. The shadows across the river’s face give a hue I would never … More A Poem: Perfect

A Poem: The Door

Faith is a key Fear is a lock Faith, the fabric that covers me. Fear the incessant cold. Faith, the shield fear’s arrows clear. And the one who seeks for me. Until faith then becomes the door I go in and out restored. Ana Lisa de Jong Living Tree Poetry April 17 Image courtesy of … More A Poem: The Door