A Poem: These Three Remain

These three remain –
Faith, Hope and Love.

Let’s teach our children,
not of things which they must strive to obtain.

For one day they might find such things
to be built on sand.

To be made of such stuff
that dissolves in their hands;

when they cling too hard,
or too firmly depend.

Instead love,

in truth
is not even a lesson;

for us to pass on,
but a gift already given.

Unmerited, and without condition,
it’s the foundation of faith.

And faith,

is the substance of things hoped for,
and unseen.

But believed,

because the love by which we are loved,
has proven them to be real.

Yes faith,

is the means by which we
can know ourselves assured.

And hope,

is the tenacity
by which we hold to all that’s good.

And which without
we would not

risk, or seek, or trust
or even love.

Yes these three things,

we must give our children
if we give them nothing else.

And we give them these things,
by first finding them ourselves.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
June 2017


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