A Poem: Tui – A Poem for Winter Solstice

Tui, with your white throat,
you dance on the flimsy limb,
and sing a song,
that keeps me still and listening.

As the wind tosses the leaves
against a leaden winter sky,
I wonder you have a tune still
that causes your lone breast to rise.

I fear the cold that I can feel
in the blustery wind,
has got into my bones,
never mind that I sit warm inside.

Yes today, I am aware
there are two ways of being…

And I wonder Tui, with your tune,
how you could have known,
that for a moment there,
I’d forgotten

the notes that give us a song.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
Winter Solstice 2017

Image: Jason Hosking, New Zealand Geographic

2 thoughts on “A Poem: Tui – A Poem for Winter Solstice

  1. Though I sit here on a warm summer day, your words quickly transported me to cold winter. With you I listened to that lone bird sing his song. And I’m thinking about the notes that give us a song, even on bleak days–notes of joy-filled surprises and blessings from our Father. Tui is one of them! Thank you, Ana Lisa for the poignant reminder, and for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts meaningful!

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    1. Thank you Nancy! Thanks too for reading. I am pleased this resonated with you. Nature indeed is often my reminder of the spiritual truths that are not dependent on the transitoriness (however you spell that) of other things. Blessings.


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