A Poem: We Grieve

We grieve but there is a love stronger than death, greater than the life given in this mortal breath. We grieve but there is life in a larger sense that exceeds the limits of our human experience. There is peace beyond the grave, deeper than the quiet of this temporal plane. There is hope higher … More A Poem: We Grieve

A Poem: The Road

I was afraid that the road was too narrow. That myself and my load could not together pass. Then I was afraid it might in fact be too wide. That I would turn in circles and miss the landmarks. I was afraid it might at times give out. That what I believed was a road … More A Poem: The Road

A Poem: Ah

Ah I thought… I love everything. The summer sun; the leaves on the shimmering trees; the breeze through the open window. But the fleeting fantail that just flew to alight on the branch, teaches me that life and its gifts, run ever out. A closed fist holds nothing of worth. While an open hand, though … More A Poem: Ah