Daily Inspiration: 24 Feb 17

Breathe on me
Breath of God
Until my heart is pure,
until with thee
I will one will,
to do and to endure.
 Edwin Hatch

“The contemplative path is about learning to live out of our spirit, a full and whole-hearted life.  Contemplation is more than our revival, or our renewal in God. It is about our restoration in unity, wholeness, and presence. In contemplation, in essence, Jesus is revealed as we fall into the background…our presence resonates with Christ.  Restoration is the work of contemplation, a work where we create with our Creator. Restoration is the outworking of what God has worked within us, and it is work.  Restoration is the creative process whereby we create with our Creator, restoring our lives, and our relationship with the wholeness of God.”
 Bob Holmes a Daily Contemplation

“Set your mind on things above and not earthly things.  For you died and your life is now hidden in Christ with God.”
Col 3:2-3

MY PRAYER today is for our internal life.  Our inner wisdom, healing and wholeness.  We are pilgrims following the way.  Sometimes it seems so clear, sometimes it crumbles before our feet, and our steps feel precarious.  At times like these, there’s only one way left to us, and that’s within.  Sometimes I think God sweeps the carpet from under us, so that we turn into the only refuge that’s sure.  We still ourselves, and travel deep to find the wisdom that we need, drawing from our inner stores.  Bob Holmes tells us that contemplation is about restoration.  As we fall into him, He becomes revealed in us.  Its the restoration we receive in communion with Him, that enables us to become co-workers with him, in restoring humanity and relationships in our exterior world.  Let us not resist when we feel like we’re falling.  Our landing is soft, and will bear us up.

Don’t fight the tide.
Surrender to the waves that come.
Dive deep, to where the world grows dim.
It’s there you find your pathway clear,
gleaming as the sun.

From my poem ‘Trust Him’


These are drawn from daily prayers and reflections I write for my Chaplaincy colleagues

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