A Poem: A Harbour

We need a harbour. A harbour where we can moor our vessels that have been tossed and turned by inclement weather, by changing currents, and the wear and tear, of all our endeavours. We need a place where we can shed ourselves. Selves we have worn so long, that, like the colour on our lips, … More A Poem: A Harbour

A Poem: Ascension

  “Keep going, don’t give up”, I read. Yet keeping going today, looks something like, closing and opening my eyes; and turning over to my other side in bed. Progress is sometimes measured in the smallest increments. My not giving up today was perhaps seen in the leap of my heart, at the Tui and … More A Poem: Ascension

A Poem: Colour

You paint such colour on my skin, where I saw white in my mirrors reflection, I look again, and you’ve unearthed them. The colours of my soul. I see indigo and yellow, but not the sallow shade of skin, but bright like a finches breast or sunflowers glow. And there’s blue and rose, pink across … More A Poem: Colour