A Poem: Faithful

I record God’s faithfulness, that when asked I might say, whenever has a prayer gone unanswered, a night not turned to day by itself, a spring branch not borne its blossom, or an autumn tree not divested its green. Whenever has God not turned with the seasons on a branch, or a seed bursting in … More A Poem: Faithful

A Poem: Alchemist

Do you see how mountains erupt out of oceans. Do you see how tears can make a flood, but from the depths we still emerge. Do you see how seasons fill their purpose, though we might prefer the sun benign. Do you see how everything is clearer, and cleaner for the rain. Do you see … More A Poem: Alchemist

A Poem: Healing

We do not get over anything, move on, let go. We absorb things, like the earth does the rain and snow. Do we believe when spring thaws come that the earth has forsaken winter. Or was winter rather the preparation for summer’s flush, the blooming, which takes the rain to cause new growth. No, letting … More A Poem: Healing

A Poem: Musings

I take my garden seat, and it’s as though the conductor opens the score just for me. Or perhaps, it’s that I’ve just broached the moment unawares, and the bees and the tui’s, the passing gull against the blue, see me but as colour in a collage, or a pattern in a landscape, or the … More A Poem: Musings

A Poem: This

When you can say I do not know why, this joy? Your happiness will take wings, and climb and climb, not dependent on restraint. To where the dancing clouds catch the first beams of light. Joy has as little need to comprehend a why, as we do to know the reasons for being. The naysayers, … More A Poem: This

A Poem: Blanketed

The sky is but a blanket to cover us in this garden of the world in which we play. I can hear your laughter ringing out, like youthful memories of summer evenings at the edge of dusk, when the first stars emerged and voices would be carried for miles. Yes, the sky is but a … More A Poem: Blanketed

A Poem: Signals

My morning prayer rises with the light. Swells like the billowing bud, or the ocean’s wave against a shore. Crests like the sun edging over the hill, catching alight each bark and leaf turned to its glow. My morning prayer escapes as breath, meeting the cool dawn air, or as birds suspended, in the pleasure … More A Poem: Signals