A Poem: Life is a Circle

Life is a circle.
You can get on and off at any point.
You can fall and fail.
You can rest and deflate.
You can wait, and build your strength,
to hold on in the whirl.

Morning’s a reminder of renewal.
Things turn, and change in the dark.
As we shed skin and renew cells
in our sleep;
so life refreshes our circumstances,
and our ability to adapt.

To life – which is a circle.
Held by grace, which is at the middle.
And at the beginning, and the end.
The central point of the turntable,
and all of its circumference;
and everywhere we stand.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Jan 2017

Image:  Pinterest


One thought on “A Poem: Life is a Circle

  1. Hi darling, what a super poem for the new year. Sent to Luke, who enjoys your poetry, and to Ann, for her birthday today – she has always had a deep faith. Lots of love, mum


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