A Poem: Borne Up

There are some days
in which,
just as the sun travels from east to west
across a blue horizon;
I find myself
held up,
carried aloft,
that my clay feet might not touch
the ground.

I did not know, I was so light,
or inclined to be absent?
Rather I think it is that you instead
are strong, and ever present.
And that it is your pleasure
to uphold us,
to assure us of the comfort and strength
found in the centre
of your arms.

And so I rest,
like a child weaned.
I have found, standing still
what many might travel the earth
on weary feet to seek,
not knowing that strength
is found
where weakness gives us away,
always at our knees.

Ana Lisa de Jong
June 2017

Image: Pinterest (unknown artist)

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