A Poem: Tonight when I stepped out

Tonight when I stepped out

and beheld the moon,
full and white,
and blooming
against the dark canvas of the night,

I felt a tug,

a pull to a place that I knew.
That I might call home
although I know not from where
it comes, this sense of knowing.

But still I feel it every time

that I am pulled beyond myself
by the moon, or the sea,
or a mountain standing strong and solid
in the ground.

Its as though all that underpins life

is suddenly written
in vivid hieroglyphics across the sky
or the sea, or the landscape’s
sweeping terrain.

And prayer,

and my heart
seems too small to take it all in.
The only way I can is to dissolve,
to become one with all that I perceive.

Perhaps that’s why

I said to my love
when I stepped outside tonight.
‘Farewell, its been so good, I am flying to the moon –
meet you on the other side.’

Ana Lisa de Jong
August 2017

Photo: Sebastian Molina on Unsplash

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