A Poem: To Wait

Waiting is active.

It takes breath
both in and out,
and then the holding of it.

It takes a certain awareness
of the heart’s race,
and the stilling of it.

It takes letting go
of regret,
or even anticipation.

Reviewing expectation
in light of
the empty present.

Which always holds more
than we can
see in it.

Waiting takes a certain type of vision,
that magnifies a moment
to draw out its essence.

In the end
we find that the wait requires gratitude
for what isn’t yet.

And what is,
even when we’re wanting more
than that.

Waiting means holding a moment
with reverence,
careful with its contents.

As water in the hands of the thirsty
we do not spill a drop,
until we exchange it for the next.

Yes, waiting is patience’s
perfect work in us.
Gratitude brings its payment.

We might yet take a breath and see,
if what we need
isn’t already apparent.

Ana Lisa de Jong
December 2017

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