A Poem: Safe Passage

‘Alight upon the waters.
Lay your trust out as a bridge.
Cross without fear of failure.
Faith assures you of safe passage.

And, if you should trip
remember I’ve walked on water.
There is no place you will walk
that I’ve not already established.

Take my hand, and trust my love.

Cast your eyes, not behind but forward.
Soak up gratitude,
feel your losses,
but let it confirm my constant faithfulness.

Further I would have you walk,
to grow beyond familiar skin.
We must learn how to shed it,
to grow new leaves we discard the oldest.

Take heart, yes go out and conquer.

For I would not have you mark
new territories,
without outlining them first
with my promises.

I, who have blessed
and made you to flourish here,
are growing you to a fullness
I’ve not yet finished.

So take my hand, alight with me.
If you should fall, I walk on water.’

Ana Lisa de Jong
December 2017


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