A Poem: The Other Side

The sun shines on both sides of our world.
When it sets for you
it rises for me.

When the snow settles
in silence upon the trees
and all growth halts,

here it has blossomed
and life is rife
among bird and bush.

Yes, at the toss of a hand
the coin flips,
between death’s door and life’s threshold.

The seasons change,
or the day’s light declines
before we know ourselves.

The glow of twilight
a last burning
before the descent of night.

A coin lies in His hand,
yet however it falls
it’s right side up.

Somewhere the sun is shining still.
Held in summer’s embrace
we can attest to that.

In winter’s chill
and dimming light,
we need someone to recall to us,

what’s on the other side.


Ana Lisa de Jong
January 2018



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