A Poem: Light

It does not take much
to stand in the beam of light.

It is not a crooked trail
we can easily fall off.

It’s not a dirt floor
we’re required to crawl.

Humility has its place
buts it’s not a mantle to constantly carry.

There’s no need for tracing patterns
in the dust,

or for re-writing errors
and re-enacting our mistakes.

As though we
had a self-fulfilling prophecy

to realise.


life is for stepping out,
to stand up straight.

For working out that,
how we keep closest to His will,

is by measuring the distance
between His heart and ours.

In noting how the beam falls on
those who stand in the way,

not on those who shy away,
from the rays that fall.

From the grace that calls us forward
and beckons us to raise our face

to walk in the
streams of His light.

Ana Lisa de Jong
January 2018

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