A Poem: Eternal Blue

This bright Autumn day
has come out of the blue
like a choice gift.

A pearl drop in the hand.

Luminescent reminder
before winter’s curtain falls,
of what remains beyond

each seasons turn.

The blue that we speak of,
from which these surprising
things emerge;

this blue

is greater and wider,
and further afar
than our eyes can perceive.

Great canvas of sky.

Great circle of life,
wisdom beyond the here
and now,

and this circling sphere.

I am not afraid of what
comes out of the blue,
or what disappears

in a blink.

These gifts we receive,
like today,
shining glimpse of heaven;

these gifts

speak of a giver
that gives
ands takes away

from a boundless source.

Accounts balanced,
that for everything lost
something new is gained.

Something of the whole remains.

And regardless of the things
that sift through hands
held out in surrender

and prayerful supplication.

This eternal blue,
that still holds the world
will never change.

Come what will

we are still held.
Though winter threatens
pearls still fall

as bright diamonds in the hand.

Ana Lisa de Jong
March 2018

Image: My own

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