A Poem: Even If

Even if.
Even if we should fear.

Fear the things we cannot control.
Fear those things that

are only influenced
by discernment and faith.

Let us do what
we can.

For its not by power
and might,

but by gentleness,
that we exert any good.

Yes even if.
Even if we should fear.

Let us fear only those tings
that might paralyse our attempts

at doing whatever it is,
that is right.

For its not by coercion or retreat
that we can affect any kind of difference

but by faith
that expresses itself through love.

Faith which does not fear the risks
of our involvement

as much as the results
of our neglect.

So even if.
Even if we should fear.

May we trust the momentum
of a love that requires our following.

Trust our hearts that take a leap
before they count the cost.

For nothing worthwhile was ever gained
by letting fear decide for us.

So let.
Let us love.

Though all might point
to our defeat.

No-one has determined yet
all that is achieved

through faith,
that works through love.

Ana Lisa de Jong
April 2018

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