A Poem: Waiting

Some say we must strive for what it is
that we want.

Some say we must first of all know what it is,
then set our goals,
and lay our plans for achievement.

Some say nothing good ever came
from standing by, and waiting.

Some say only those who attempt succeed,
and only those who show
can play the game.

I say, maybe, that is true.
In certain respects effort has its reward.

But I say, the measurement of success
might be more a faith
in our unfolding.

Rest and trust in what is
stirring in our hearts and minds.

Carrying out a holy work
as witness to things growing yet
in the dark.

Building an inner world,
to be mirrored in the exterior.

Finding out who first we are,
so we might recognise what is ours
when it arrives.

As arrive it will.
Whoever heard of a prayer without an answer.

Whoever heard of one
who didn’t harbour a gift somewhere,
to be harnessed.

Yes, I say we are tools still in the making.
In a craft shop whose orders have come in.

I shall sit and wait in trust.
Will you join me in the wings.
Life will bid us enter when our turn comes round.

Ana Lisa de Jong
April 2018


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