A Poem: Lay Down

Lay down like the earth
is covered in flowers.
Wild things spreading like weeds
to outgrow the reoccurring cares.

And when pain springs
and flows like a river,
but mounting in strength,

then lay down like the gully
is carved by water,
feel it fill and mould you to its shape,
then flow in it to the sea.

Lay down like the waters
of the ocean,
spreads its blue/green wrap
around the earth.

Lay down and absorb all
that befalls,
to rise again,
a suspended vapour of mist.

As low clouds that brush
against the mountain tops,
that make a blanket
of their blooming spread.

That cause water
to fall again,
onto the thirsty plains
and vales.

Yes, lay down like the earth
is covered in flowers.
Colours that emerge in patterns that astound,
miracles formed by nature’s cycles.

Yes, lay down and let it all loose.
The clenched fist,
the buried hurts,
the seeds that fall to beautify the earth’s crust.

Good will come of all,
that we lay down.

Ana Lisa de Jong
July 2018

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