Guest post from Aotearoa / New Zealand by Ana Lisa de Jong

My friend Maren Tirabassi is worth following. Her poetry always makes me stop and think and gets deep into the heart. Here she has shared one of mine.

Gifts in Open Hands

This poem by Ana Lisa de Jong and the accompanying photograph by Alexander Harding have moved me today, not Sunday, but the Sabbath in any day.

The bird song has broken down
the temple walls,
that the life might stream out.

Sweet bird on a humble branch
delicate and unobtrusive.
Against the great quiet
your morning voice
has caused something to shift.

The birth and death of stars
hardly compares
to your small form,
flitting through leaves
like a dancing shaft of light.

There is something in me
that forgoes the crowd,
that does not anywhere belong,
Though of the great body
I am formed.

But your presence on the branch,
shows me that the walls
are all down.
Broken by creations
propensity to expand.

Life that runs through every
living thing
rises in me like sap.
As like a great living tree
I stand in beams of grace

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