A Poem: We can change the world

We can change the world
sitting down and standing up.

We can change the world, out on a limb,
or in our prayer closet.

We can even lie down
and harness the wind.

There is no stopping

The moon, though distant,
appears near when lit by the sun’s light.

Showing us, that everything that can be seen
can be reached.

And the stars,
at their end, shine brightest,

that even death
cannot stop their influence.

Yes, I know wherever we stand,
or don’t,

when we are true to our gifts
we can move mountains.

When we fling out our dreams
into the ether,

we can find a means
to bridge the distance.

I pray we know what
on our own we bring,

and I pray we realise how together
we can harness change.

Not by conformity,
but by moving in the stream

of our natures,
and granting them expression.

Yes, whether we swim against the current,
or sing and dance in unison,

we can build an altar anywhere,
and carry our cross where we’re led.

So change the world a bit at a time,
lying down or sitting up.

The limb is where we catch our uplift.
The closet where we first dream of flight.

Ana Lisa de Jong
August 2018


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