A Writer Friend: Christine Sine, ‘The Gift of Wonder’

I would love to share with you my beautiful friend, Christine Sine‘s new book, ‘The Gift of Wonder’. I was fortunate to read a preview copy and write an endorsement (below). I found it such an uplifting read at a time of unwellness for me – it reminded me of the joy found in the every-day, the joy we can create regardless of our circumstances, the joy we can share, and the joy God takes in us.

Endorsement for ‘The Gift of Wonder’

‘Christine Sine’s wonderful new offering, ‘The Gift of Wonder’ is a very special read. Uplifting and informative, inspiring and encouraging, this book has you engrossed from the start, and hungry for more. In it we discover a God who delights in us, who finds joy in our joy, and is always beckoning us back to a child-like faith, and revealing to us the keys to the kingdom.

As well as reminding us of the God who is the source of our joy, and who finds delight in us, Christine gives us a wealth of creative and imaginative ideas and tools for living out our new insights, to help turn our days into records of praise and gratitude.  Christine also reminds us of the places and relationships in which we find God, and how through compassion and hospitality we might image the God we discover in contemplation and community.’

Ana Lisa



Christine is the founder of the website  Godspace. where through diverse voices from around the world readers are inspired to notice, explore and experiment with fresh ways to connect more intimately to God, more effectively to their neighbours and more responsibly to creation.

I am blessed to share my writing on Godspace and Christine was one of my earliest supporters and encouragers.

Christine its wonderful to be able to have an opportunity to return the favour.

Many blessings for your new book.

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