Living Leaf by Leaf

Thank you to April Yamasaki for sharing my poem and a beautiful reflection on her blog. Check out her wonderful writings.

April Yamasaki

During my husband’s journey with cancer, we decided that taking life “one day at a time” was too much for us. Instead, we learned to plan just half a day at a time.

On treatment days, it was a half day for chemo, and then if he was feeling up to it, we would treat ourselves to take out and spend the other half day together relaxing with a movie. On other days, my husband might spend a half day on his hockey pool and developing his Learning New Testament Greek video series, then a half day resting.

I still find it helpful to think in half-days. A half day finishing a sermon and speaking and co-hosting our Zoom worship, a half day to rest. A half day dealing with just one piece of paperwork related to my husband’s death—and really, I’m not kidding, as one morning I was literally…

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