Poem – As with Love

Greetings friends.  I have started this website and blog to introduce you to some of the writings in my book series,’Poetry for the Soul’ – so far comprised of the poetry volumes ‘Songs in the Night’ and ‘Hope Springs’.  I am so looking forward to my new book, ‘Seeking the Light’, due to be released around October/November this year.

Following you will find one of my favorite poems from the book.

A thousand blessings.

Ana Lisa



moves on, while we wish
we could hold it still.
Expand it to retrieve each precious morsel.

But nothing still holds its worth.
Its value in the passing,
and the measuring of its gift.

Held in freeze frame,
it would only stagnate and shrink.
A still pool reflecting little light.

Its lack of breadth,
closing in on itself,
until its eventual demise.

So instead

we let it pass.

Yet, if we look carefully
beyond our apparent loss,
we may see we’re richer

for the moments invested.
The memories enlarging us,
to contain more to take with us.

Yes time moves on,
and we wish, how we wish,
we could halt it.

But time like love
has one true common denominator.
It endures beyond us.

And as with love,
which we only keep by offering up;
so with time, we draw treasure from what we relinquish.

Ana Lisa de Jong

‘For this world in its present form, is passing away.’
1 Corinthians 7:31 (NIV)



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