A Poem: A Promise

What does a promise look like?
I think it looks something like:
sunshine emerging from clouds;
the sudden blue of a clearing horizon, reminding us…

Everything is lined with gold.
Even clouds that we feared
might not depart;
recede to reveal the light.

What does a promise feel like?
An unexpected smile
dissolving a dark countenance.
A hug that relays what words cannot.

For love is always set in hope,
like gems inlaid in stone.
Love resolves to trust in the new day;
and the promise of the coming dawn.

Ana Lisa de Jong
31 Dec 2016

Happy New Year!

E huri to aroaro ki te ra,
tukuna to ataarangi
ki muri I a koe

Turn and face the sun
and let your shadow
fall behind you.

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