A Poem: Jewels

When we record our days
we make them real to us.

We give them shape and form
that we might learn from them.

Hindsight is God’s beautifier
when we shine the lens we look through.

When we record our thanks
in pen, or thought, or praise

we establish what is good,
upon the pathways of our lives.

We inlay them with jewels
of many colours.

We cement the things that further us,
and cast aside what doesn’t.

When we travel back
we trace God’s faithfulness.

In such a way,
that as we cast our line into the open waters,

we use yesterday’s harvest
to gain tomorrow’s goodness.

Yes, when we record our days
we make them real to us.

We sift for all the wheat amongst the chaff,
mine for all the gold to further invest it.

Gratitude brings it reward,
if only to shine a light on what we couldn’t see before.

We think on what is good
and see it magnified.

We trust tomorrow
because of what we’ve made today,

out of all the good we polish,
and then display.

Ana Lisa de Jong
December 2017


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