A Poem: Witness

Somewhere between the water and the sky.
The earth and the vast realms of stars,
we live.

Everything here
seems to have its purpose.
Seems to carve out its niche.

Right down to the vine,
cascading in the garden.
Not a random white bloom out of place.

Here for the bees, and the butterflies.
Our pleasure in its existence,
a happy mistake.

A non-essential requirement
to its being,
and yet we’re still graced.

We, who lie in the middle
between the reflected sea and the stars,
wondering of what we are a part?

Part stardust, part water
and part the fertile soil
in which we are cradled.

by our heart and lungs,
we feel the wind and want to dance.

The body that makes us human
keeps us separate from all we’re not,
and yet know we’re still a part.

Somewhere between the water and the sky
reflections dance,
and in the sun’s rays catch the light.

Its enough to breathe and witness
each transcendent
glimpse of heaven.

Perhaps in the end that’s the purpose of
We’re to climb up like the vine,

and behold it.

Ana Lisa de Jong
December 2017

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