A Poem: Wide Open

Wide open.
That is how our love should be,
our hearts should spring.

Doors, windows,
open to the ocean breeze,
and the mountain air.

We can be so discerning,
as to miss the magnitude
of everything.

If we pray
but have not love
that opens doors,

lays out hospitality
as a carpet,
gives and receives generously,

then our love
might indeed be hollow
as the flute,

or miss its target.
The potential reach
of a love uninhibited.

I haven’t the answer
to today’s questions.
They are too immense for me.

But I know what love is not.
So I fling my doors
and windows ajar

That you might know
my house is open
to all.

Come in,
you can see the whole horizon from here
360 degrees.

Wide open.

Ana Lisa de Jong
January 2018


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