A Poem: A Million Graces

In all our efforts that attempt and fail,
there is a grace for that.

In all the ways we’ve loved and not loved,
there is a grace for the lack.

In all the ways we’ve poured out our strength
and come up spent,

or have swallowed bitterness,
and carried guilt,

there is grace.

Plentiful, and bounteous,
to counter our inadequacies,

to make up the space between
what is and isn’t.

To bridge each glaring gap.

Yes, we can take a breath
and exhale it.

For it’s in the giving up,
and the release of our grip,

that we encounter the grace
made to meet each need.

Where we find the spaces that echoed
are filled,

with a grace that overarches
and undergirds.

A grace in which our deficiencies
are offset

by the knowledge of a love
which turns lack on its head.

Yes, God is love,
and there is grace for each need.

Let us come to the font
and be filled.


Ana Lisa de Jong
January 2018

Image:  My own

4 thoughts on “A Poem: A Million Graces

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful as always. I love everything you write and them some days something just jumps off the screen (or the page) and it’s mine – written for me.


  2. lovely, says it all simply and encouragingly – all we need really, And yes I need grace, and have received it in full. lovely photo of you too. lots love, xxxx


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