A Poem: Humanity

What would happen if we retreated back
a few hundred kilometres into space.

What would we do with a world that’s divided.
Might we see it as one round ball.

Might we see the colours merge
to the degree our steps recede.

Yellow and red turning to brown,
black and white to grey.

And the more we retract
the more we merge with the sea, and the land.

And become the blue of the world
He sees through His lens.

What would happen if we gave ourselves space
to reflect,

and saw each other from a wider perspective,
a greater distance.

I think like all small things,
the world and its contents would become more precious

for being considered as a whole,
rather than a sum of separate parts.

There is only one thing we all share,
this common beautiful humanity.

And like all worlds on the edge,
we’d know it if we began to fall.

We’d hold on to each other then,
as if there were no tomorrow.

If it’s not too late,
I pray we remember it now.

Ana Lisa de Jong
January 2018

Image: My own

‘So wake up, wake up,
wake up all your sleepers.
Stand up, stand up
stand up all you dreamers
Hands up, hands up
hands up all believers
Take up your cross, carry it on.’

Wake Up Lyrics, All Sons & Daughters

2 thoughts on “A Poem: Humanity

  1. Yes, that is how we all have to now live if we can drop old habits, Greenpeace and the Green Party would love to receive that, should I send it on??? xxmum


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