A Poem: Dappled Shade

Sun on leaves.

There is always a shadow side,
where the illumination doesn’t reach.

Bright light washes out the green
without the shadows to balance what we see.

The dark green, the backdrop that
is needed, for the light to be reflected.

I would rather shadows
and the things we cannot understand.

There is something about slow revelation.
There is something said for having too much clarity.

If faith is certainty
it has no substance.

Things that demand assurance to stand up
will fall at the first breath of wind.

Shadows tell us there is much that we don’t know,
and that that is as it should be.

If we have faith in something
let it be in the one whose light we see part the canopy

to reveal each tone of green
as something singular and not before seen.

I know how I prefer to walk,
following the light through dappled shade.

And trusting myself to a source of truth
beyond my own wisdom.

A good that can be trusted for what it shields,
as much as what it reveals.

Ana Lisa de Jong
March 2018


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