A Poem: To Disappear

I think I might like to disappear.
Play hide and seek.

Maybe just hide,

If I close my eyes just now,
it’s almost as though I’m not here.

The breeze blows
whether I exist or not,

it finds no obstacle
in me.

The cicadas sing,
the birds still make their evensong.

And the rain doesn’t pause
in its fall to the ground,

but instead,
baptises me.

Yes, anyone who’s ever grieved,
cannot believe life continues.

But for some
that’s a source of comfort.

For we might quite like
to disappear.

Play hide and seek,
and find ourselves lost.

Maybe chase the setting sun,
to rise again in the east.

Yes, nature knows a secret,
we can hardly suspect.

All that’s lost
is found.

We close our eyes
and dissolve as yeast,

and find ourselves transformed.

Ana Lisa de Jong
March 2018

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