A New Year’s Prayer

My dear friend Michael Moore shares a beautiful heart moving prayer for the new year. Thank you Michael.

Pastor Michael Moore's Blog

As I watch greetings from around the world

Those who have already crossed into 2019

Those who await the change of the calendar

We all seem to have much in common

For the harsh lessons of 2018

We pray that God’s Grace might bubble up

For the blessings of 2018

We give thanks for the light of God’s presence and love

For those we have lost this past year

May memories be healing

And, where needed, may they be healed

As we look to the New Year

My prayer is for each one of you

A prayer for God’s light to transform and heal

God’s grace to renew weary souls

Despite the negative headlines and realities

Let your Light shine in the darkness, Lord

May hatred be transformed into love

May fear be transformed into love

May warfare be eradicated

May we learn to transform swords into plowshares

May we…

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