Christmas Poetry: Blue Season

Are you waiting in the blue?
Is blue the colour of your heart.

Or blue the light that
falls upon your path.

Is blue the weight
that sits upon your frame.

Or blue the echo to resonate
within your chest.

Is blue the hue that covers you like snow,
or clouds carrying rain.

Is blue the light that envelops you,
or in the pain that pushes at your chest.

Remember blue is another colour with which
you are held close.

Loss lengthening like shadows in the longest night,
is always the underside of life lived to its full.

Until its treasure all consumed for now,
is wrung out like rain washed clothes.

Then blue is the light that covers you,
while what is waiting in the wings takes some unseen shape.

Grows ready like the burning sun to come round,
and burn through the vestiges of what remains.

Blue, the space between the old and new,
is the gentle pallbearer of your pain,

whose job is done when life
restored enters in,

to lift the covering edge
and do its alchemy of love,

absorbing the blue
in its rainbow hues.

Yes, are you walking blue?
Has blue become the weight in your step.

Grief that knows its season
will recede back to greet the sun.

And if not yet,
then be assured of shortening nights to come.

Ana Lisa de Jong
December 2018

2 thoughts on “Christmas Poetry: Blue Season

  1. Wonderful wonderful, no wonder so many people everywhere adore your poetry. I do not have the words to describe how good these latest ones are – indescribably beautiful and so true and clear. Thank you dear, lots of love, mum

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