A Poem: Still Point

Life is not a race to the grave.
But about finding heaven
right here
in the still spot
where the world turns.

Life is not about chasing anything.
But about finding love
right back
where we
placed it down.

Life is not about rush.
Though so much is calling
not every voice
that sings to us
is worth our following.

Life is a stretch, yes.
A welcoming to new experience.
A finding of the true
right while we gain and
we lose.

But life’s also a balance,
of stepping forward and
A constant re-calibration
to what’s true, and ever present.

To that place where we rest
and we love, and live.
In the eye of the storm,
and the still point
at the axis.

– What I would tell my children if I could.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
October 2018

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