A Poem: No Day is Lost

No day is lost without words
to tie it together like strung beads.

The day, whether wondrous or plain
is never devoid of something.
When words weave each impression,
each singular blessing,
and brief, or deep-felt feeling,
into speech.

There is a word for everything.

Whether spoken aloud
or shared in silence with the heart,
or immortalised with ink and paper.
Or simply breathed
into another’s ear,
like some kind of mutual recognition.

The birds have a note for everything.

The threading together
of which makes a song.
And each moment brings
its own unique expression,
as it calls for
a different response.

So we find no day is lost
without words

when in silence
we listen for their sound.
Yes, no day can be rued
whether painful or beautiful
when words draw meaning
from the hours.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
October 2018

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