A Poem: Praise in the Morning

This morning I woke with praise on my lips
in the half conscious state
that breaks upon us before the light.

I lay there aware how praise
made up the lining of my soul’s walls
in this world in which I reside.

And truer than the life lived in
the light of day,
I know its these half breathed prayers,

this worship uninhibited by awareness,
these entreaties whispered to His ear
when hardly conscious of my speech,

that He hears and acts upon.

This morning
the song that sprung from my lips
in the fading dark

spoke of the wonders my Spirit knows,
and would remind me of
in each day’s awakening.

And I’m aware how when
I take these moments into the day,
they become a staff to open the sea before me.

Yes, this life that makes no sense
without the soul’s communion
and the heeding of His voice,

becomes a wide way through the parting waves
when His Spirit leads.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
November 2018

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