A Poem: Will You

Will you take my heart back
to where the land meets the sky,
to where the kiss of heaven
touches earth’s upturned brow.

Will you take me in my imagination
to places we haven’t been,
where life is not a forgetting
but a remembering.

A recalling through the mist
of the true shapes of things.

Will you help me forget
and take me to see
wonders illuminated in my vision,
things hitherto unseen.

Will you come on the clouds
and on every rising sun,
and each glowing shade
brushed against

the great canvas
of your turning world.

Will you take my heart back
to where you and I together
haven’t been,
but in the blink of an eye can always visit.

Will you come and renew
to me the awareness of
mountains which rise to your hand
and seas that move

like lovers
remembering each other’s geography.

Will you come take my breath away
and then restore it as something,
I always had inside,
singing along with the earth’s.

And will you travel with me in my imagination.
There’s no distance
that can’t be bridged by
clouds that hide boundaries,

and then recede to reveal the world
as something boundless in our midst.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
November 2018

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