A Poem: Turning Point


Do you ever feel the world is at a turning point,
tipping at its axis.

It will take 26,000 years for a full shift,
as this spinning top,

moving upon its turning axis,
orients itself to another North.

And the pole stars we now hold on to for direction
too will change

as Summer becomes Winter,
and Winter blooms again.

Do you ever feel this world is ever turning
that at some point,

we may not recognise ourselves,
or may be find ourselves returned

to the place we once began,
as though time had not progressed.

Yes, Polaris now due North of us
will one day be succeeded,

that they say,
there is nothing new under heaven’s roof.

But, do you ever feel the world is at a turning point.
Some days more than others.

That ‘today’ is the pivotal moment
for change.

No gradual evolution responding to gravity,
or stars and moon,

but something like a full movement
of humanity

from one side of the planet,
to the other.

Do you ever feel spiritually
that something is happening.

Not only slowly and in season
but something like a tipping,

a humanity at the verge
wanting something different.

And that the God
who speaks in a thousand tongues

is readying Her voice
for a time like this.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
January 2019

Artwork By Udo Kügel – Public Domain,



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