A Poem: Weight

What weighs you down?

Ask yourself what –
what it is?

And remember that,

as your feet touch the ground,
as you step into each day

the only point with earth
is your flesh underfoot.

The rest, reaches up
like some pointing hand

to the sky and to the space
which forever extends.

So what weighs you down,
is it the feel of leaden feet?

An awareness of gravity,
or all your learned beliefs.

Gravity gives the shape,
to an otherwise chaotic dance,

and something needs to earth –
so our feet it is.

But our minds are the place
where growth and change occurs.

And the heart, in its season
is as fertile as ripening fruit.

And our Wairua, Spirit
knows neither gravity or restraint,

a house with doors and windows open,
and birds flying in and out.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
February 2019

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