A Poem: The Word II

I haven’t got the whole Word.
Have you?
I don’t pretend too,
but I know so many who do.

Sometimes a Word convicts me to the core
and I open up in ‘Yes’,
as though I had just remembered
what I’d always known.

Other times I’m left a little lost,
navigating through a maze of mirrors,
reflecting back the questions I’ve flung
far into the dark.

And I think then,
how faith must be a gift
for those to whom the answers
are not apparent,

and to whom trust acts
as a bridge,
arching high and over
the unknown, to what is.

And that faith
can be a kind of freedom,
a release from the weight of knowledge,
an unlearning and a reprieve.

No, I haven’t got the whole word,
so that sometimes I question my place,
but faith isn’t measured so much by surety
than by a child-like belief.

And though what I know
is more instinct than thought,
there’s freedom in trust
and reliance.

So that God can hold all the answers,
I’ll keep my heart in His.

Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry
February 2019

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